$ 25.00

Fabric Magic is a unique, all-natural cleaner that actually works.

With FM you can clean almost any fabric successfully, from expensive fabrics like 100% silk, chenilles,  jacquards, linens and most synthetic fibres.

FM helps to remove: wine, blood, oil, grease, food staining, biro, chocolate, smoke stains, toner, general soiling and much much more.

  • Ideal for cleaning small spills and stains from fabrics including upholstery, carpet & clothing.
  • Completely Natural Ingredients.
  • Safe & Easy to Use

The great thing about Fabric Magic is that it contains NO chemicals, being made from only renewable plant-based ingredients formulated in a very unique way to work together.

Fabric Magic is safe for people, safe for children, safe for the environment and has no known health concerns.

It is groundwater & grey water safe.