Supercraft Bedding is an Australian mattress and bedding company which began as a small family business called R.B. Day & Sons back in 1873. Servicing a growing market we thrived throughout the 20th century moving our factory location around the square mile of Adelaide. Now located at Keswick, five minutes west of Adelaide’s CBD, we continue to combine old fashioned craftsmanship with modern technology in order to build better beds for the modern Aussie.

Knowing our Stuff

We manufacture our mattresses and bedding onsite at our Factory in Adelaide, which we then offer direct from our Showroom in the same building. By having a direct Factory to Showroom model we are able to offer deeper insight and transparency when it comes to understanding the materials and processes used to create our products. This is particularly important when it comes to making sure people are choosing the mattress that best suits their needs.

Keeping it Local

For products outside our specialty, such as beautifully crafted wooden furniture, we work with other Australian businesses to keep our supply loop as local as possible. Most of our fabrics, foams, fibres and spring suppliers are local too—as well as our staff of course. We’re also proud to be a part of community initiatives including supplying bedding to homeless shelters, hospitals and the in-home care sector.

Happy to Help

Supercraft Bedding is an accredited NDIS Provider (our Registration Number is 4050016924) and we regularly provide the healthcare, disability and aged care sectors with our range of electrically adjustable beds and bedding. As such we are always happy to work with clients and their chosen representatives, such as Occupational Therapists, in order to achieve the best outcome for those who need it most.

Trading Hours:

    Monday – Friday       9am – 5pm

                   Saturday       10am – 4pm

             Sunday       Closed

Public Holidays      Closed